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I’m Athena Rayne Anderson, the author of Pollinators Info (www.pollinators.info), and I recently earned my Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Georgia. I completed my M.S. in Biology in 2004, and my B.A. in Biology in 2002. My doctoral research focused on bee foraging ecology and seasonal activity, but I had never considered studying bees, or pollinators, until 2006. I came across a job ad for a position studying native bees and doing educational outreach with farmers and the description sounded like more fun than anything I’d heard of before!

Call it an epiphany. I’ve since realized that pollinators and issues related to pollination are areas to which I could devote my life’s work. The more I learn, the more fascinated I am!

I hope you enjoy the site, and that I can help you learn and appreciate pollinators more.

4 Signs Your Kitchen Needs to be Remodeled

nice kitchenMost people have no idea whether or not they should seriously consider remodeling their kitchen because they keep waiting for the perfect time to remodel. However, there are a few signs that should signal that you need to start to get serious about your plans. Kitchens are the number one area in a home for remodeling, and most likely you have already thought about it yourself. It may just be time to put those plans into action if you notice a few of these things occurring in your home.

Appliances Need Replaced

This is likely the largest sign that it is time to look into a kitchen remodeling company in Modesto. Once appliances start to either quit working or start having faults or working unreliably then it is time to think about replacing them. If you have to replace your appliances, then there is a good chance other things in your kitchen are falling apart too making it the perfect time to remodel.

Kitchen Cabinets Are Dulling

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most noticeable aspects of a kitchen since they are usually the only furnishing in the room unless you happen to have an island. If they are dulling in color, starting to splinter, or simply lack any luster or wow factor then it is time to think about remodeling your kitchen so that it once again invites you into it.

You Hate Your Kitchen

If walking into your kitchen fills you with dread or uneasiness every single time you start cooking then it is probably time to start thinking about a remodel. You should enjoy your time in the kitchen, not immediately want to get out of it. The kitchen is one of the two most trafficked areas of a home, make sure yours is someplace you want to be.

Ashamed of The Kitchen

Along the same thought, if you don’t want to be in the kitchen you probably don’t want others in your kitchen as well. If you try to avoid allowing visitors to see your kitchen or would never dream of having a joint cooking session in it then its likely time to think about kitchen remodeling. Many times a lack of space can cause the same type of issues, but a lack of space to cook or to enjoy cooking is also something that you can address if you decide to remodel.

These are just a few of the many signs that you need to remodel your kitchen, but chances are if you are already wondering if it is time or not then it probably is. Remodeling your kitchen will allow you to be proud of your home, and will also increase the value of your home down the road so it is something that you should seriously look into if you are tossing it around at all. A good contractor or home designer will usually be happy to come give you a free quote on the work so you can see what is practical for your future.

Getting the Most Out of your Psychic Readings

angel cardsWhenever an opportunity to learn about what the future holds for you arises, it is time to take up that chance and to learn it. Your life may not be moving in the direction you want it to.  For instance, maybe none of your relationships is working, and you are wondering if there is a chance for you to correct any of that. You could be sitting there wondering why somebody else seems to be doing fine in his or her relationships while yours are lagging behind. Maybe it has come to a point where everything seems to have stopped and you have totally given up about meeting that special someone.

The most important thing when choosing a telephone psychic is that you must be comfortable with their presence – whether physically present or over the phone. This is because you must feel physically drawn to your psychic so that you can know you have made the perfect choice.

What a good reading entails

True psychic readings will present to you a clear impression of real events taking place in your life, but you must also be ready for things you do not want to hear. Just understand that this is a critical part of your healing and enlightenment, giving you insight to help make decisions for a happier, more fulfilled future, regardless of how hard it may seem.

Getting the most from your psychic readings

It is important to listen and try not to force a reading. In addition, be honest because you may be fooling yourself by deferring from the truth. Trying to influence your reading may result in counterproductive outcomes, diluting your main reason for seeking advice in the first place. You should also understand that it takes some time to come to terms or accept the outcome of your psychic readings, but it is normal to feel pain and discomfort before you start realizing the true benefits of an enlightenment that will change your life.

Do not be afraid to seek a second opinion

On the other hand, some people may require the advice of many psychics – presented in various forms – before they benefit from their sessions. There is nothing wrong with such an approach, as it may be considered a psychic version of seeking a second medical opinion. Receiving the same information from different psychic readings or readers will make your action glaringly clear. However, getting contradicting opinions may require you to depend on your intuition.

Using Your IRA To Invest In Gold

roth iraMany financial analysts would recommend that you hold a certain percentage of your assets in gold for its diversification benefits and to improve your overall return. This is particularly true of any savings held in an individual retirement account (IRA). Why you should hold gold in these accounts and what the different ways of owning gold your IRA account are will be the focus of this article.

Why you should hold Gold

Gold is not strongly correlated with other investment types and gold is thought to have a somewhat negative correlation to equities meaning that when equities decrease in value gold increases. This makes gold an attractive investment from a diversification perspective and also provides a hedge against inflation risk as central banks can always print money but there is a limited amount of gold that can be produce. This is particularly essential for a gold roth ira, which can have a longer term duration than other investment types and need to be designed to consider inflation risk. This makes gold an important addition to your IRA.

How to Invest In Gold in Your IRA

Common ways to invest in gold are through gold mining companies or through gold ETFs. Companies that mine gold typically mine other metals as well and you may be unable to gain the pure exposure to gold prices that you are looking for. Further, there is company specific risk that a company may not be able to mine gold efficiently or that they may deplete their mines thereby leading to the company underperforming gold prices.

Traditionally people invested in gold in its purest form by buying gold coins or bullion, which is not available in an IRA account. Nowadays, pure gold can be purchased through gold IRA electronically traded funds (ETFs) which provide exposure to gold prices without the company specific risks. There are management fees charged on gold etfs but the larger ETFs have these costs spread over a large number of investors and the costs are often minor as a result.


Holding gold in an IRA is a good idea for the added diversification brings to the table as well as the hedge against inflation it provides. Gold etfs allow for an affordable and easy way to purchase gold without the company specific risk of owning mining stocks and therefore provide investors that are looking to save money for retirement with a real benefit in the tax advantaged IRAs.

All About The Toyota 22RE

The Toyota 22re is a engine that is known for it’s durability that is in the Toyota trucks and in the Toyota four runners. There is a company that rebuild the Toyota 22re engine and they use a durability in their re-manufactured engines. They also clean and pressure test the head and the block. When they get done with that they then use the best parts during the manufacturing engine process. They also use clevite, rock, melling, and the perfect circle products. They then fix the Toyota 22re engines for compression and oil pressure.

You can buy a 22re Toyota master engine kit that is for rebuilding and it fits a Toyota. And if you are looking for a good kit that is for rebuilding your engine then you have came to the right place. They have the best parts for this kit and foremost, the parts for the kit have all been hand picked for each kit. The parts in the kit are used all of the time in their basic engines. The parts that are in the kit include: a gasket set, freeze plugs, bolts for the head, the main bearings, the rod bearings, the thrust washers, chromoly rings, piston that has pins and clips, pin bushings, a timing set with the steel guide, the timing cover, and you should choose pistons and bearings size before you make your purchase. Those are the items included in the master engine rebuild kit. The parts are all top notched.

Next there is the brand new 22re short block engine. Besides, the brand new 22re short block engine they include three year unlimited mileage warranty. Everything on this engine is brand new this is not a re-manufactured engine. The parts that are included in this kit are: a new block, main caps, a crank shaft, main bearings, connecting rods, the connecting rod bearings, brand new pistons and wrist pins, and some brand new pistons rings. Those are the parts that are included in the kit. There is a huge process when rebuilding the engine. Some of the process includes: new freeze plugs, crank shaft is reg-ounded, new cylinder head casting, OME cylinder head bolts, OEM head gasket, and the valve cover interior baffle is removed, the cover and the baffles are completely cleaned and is resealed. And that is just some of what is needed to rebuild the Toyota 22re engine.

In conclusion, the Toyota 22re is a good rebuilt engine that works very well. If you ever want something different then you should consider getting this engine. They use the best products for this engine so you will get the best they have to offer.

Credit Repairing Strategies: How to Establish Creditworthy Status

credit scoreDo you suffer from credit problems? If so, millions of Americans also find themselves scrambling to improve their credit scores. Without the necessary credit, you can’t demonstrate your creditworthiness to potential loan and mortgage lenders and even jobs that require an adequate credit score. Unless you have cash, you also risk the ability to qualify for some of life’s necessities, such as purchasing a reliable vehicle and buying a house.

Initially, you may feel that repairing your credit is a daunting task and that it may not be worth the trouble. However, if you work on it just a little at a time, in twenty years, you will be grateful that you took the leap and started your journey to healthy credit.

Here, you will find some valuable credit repairing tips that can help you get on the right track, live a more stress-free life and allow you to qualify for better loan rates and more purchasing freedom.

Prioritize Your Bills

Those bill notifications are in your mailbox for a reason. You opened a line of credit or owe a balance on a service you used. Therefore, you are responsible for clearing that debt. Once you receive your bill, don’t throw it away and don’t misplace it.

Carefully read through the document and whether all the charges are correct. Store them in a folder for easy access. Realizing what your current bills are will help you keep track of due dates. Knowing your due dates will help prevent extremely delinquent bills from going into collections, which will decrease your credit score and leave a negative mark on your report.

Organize Your Debt and Develop a Plan

Once you know what bills you need to pay, contact the debtor and make arrangements to send in payments. Even the smallest payments per month will show that you are attempting to pay off your debt and prevent your account from moving into collections—the credit destroyer.

But what if you already have negative collections on your credit and/or thousands of dollars left on a vehicle or house loan? In this case, you need to establish a plan to decrease your debt.

You have two options:

– Pay off accounts with the highest interest rates first. This method could save you thousands in interest fees and help clear a large debt quicker.

– Pay your smallest debt first and then add what you were paying on that debt onto your next smallest debt. Continue until you reach your largest balance due. This is called the snowball effect which allows you to see progress overtime as you knock out multiple accounts in a shorter period of time.

Pay Your Accounts on Time

Now that you have a payment plan for your debts, it’s important to make sure those payments are received on time. As you probably already know, late payments can put a negative dent on your credit. However, a good payment history can actually boost your credit score. Also, potential creditors favor those who make their payments on time.

Pay Attention to Credit Utilization

Another imperative tip that many are not aware of is paying attention to the total utilization of credit they use on their credit cards. Utilization is the percent of credit you use on your card. Many credit card services suggest using no more than 30% of your cards credit. Otherwise, you may appear too risky by utilizing all the credit provided to you, which may be a deal breaker for some creditors and a harmful shot to your credit score.

Simplisafe – Excellence In Security

simplisafe logoSimplisafe is an award-winning home security system that can provide 24/7 security to a home to keep it safe all day and year wrong. They have taken measures to insure that their home security system does not include many of the “features” which can sometimes be problematic. This means that there are no contracts and no middlemen. Also, a landline is not necessary to enjoy the benefits of the Simplisafe system. Freedom and flexibility are the cornerstones of the Simplisafe home security product.

The Decoy Keypad

The home security company provides a myriad of features which combine to provide a very compelling offering in the marketplace. One such feature is the keypad which they bill as the safest in the industry. The aim was to reduce the risk of a thief immediately smashing the keypad and preventing an alert from going out. The brains of the security system are not located in the keypad as can sometimes be found in competitors. Instead, the essential electronics are placed in a hidden base station and during an alarm the keypad will beep as a decoy for burglars.

Alert The Neighbors

The sirens are an important part of any home security system as they can immediately scare away novice burglars or otherwise allow the neighbors to be alerted so that there might be more witnesses to the crime. 105db extra sirens are the standard with Simplisafe and having a couple of these connected in the home should just about awake the entire neighborhood should the alarm be triggered. These sirens are also easy to mount and weather-resistant for longevity.

Cutting Edge Base Station

The base station or brains of the system is plug and play which means that all related sensors and devices will automatically be detected. This saves on install time and troubleshooting. Voice prompts guide one through the installation and cellular technology is used for 24/7 monitoring. Redundancy can be achieved by using a phone line or internet connection as a secondary communication method. A backup battery can provide around 2 days of protection during a power outage.

Smartphone Total Control

Total control is possible through a smartphone from anywhere in the world. This means that the system can be armed and disarmed through an app. Historical event logs can be checked in order to see when someone has entered or exited the house legitimately and used the pin to change the system status. Home temperature and the status of alarms can easily be accessed for constant information on the house.

Highly Recommended Value

Simplisafe is one of the more versatile home security systems both in terms of infrastructure and service.  This Simplisafe review from GlobalSkillsCC.org lists them as one of the top 10 home alarm systems in the USA.  They advertise an average savings of about $1547 over other systems which require long contracts. Simplisafe has been recommended by such big names as The New York Times, NBC, FOX, and Good Housekeeping. They are definitely a company to be serious considered when looking to purchase a top notch home security system.